African House Records (C-Suite Crew), Once upon a time, the three majors of this network meeting for the first time on the 12th of June 2019 amazed each other due to the common ideas shared have created the develop and expansion of African House Records, a "Social Records Network Label" with full capacity of a social networking platforms, the house records network is in connection with Caribbean House Records which each is part of an internal group network and certain other external networks which provides a "Single Signin" ability an other advance applications which allows interacting between both our internal network to connect to other known social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

The company's vision is to develop a representation of Africa and the people of the land for self awareness of who are we really. This is part of the worlds "Wake Up Project" of Our-Story, Our News Information, Music, Our-Cultuer, useful and rich contents. Activities of the company is to develop it's own nighting events, recording sessions of both known and kick start new artists, while staying online social.

Contact our "Support Team Directly" or "Drop us a Message" and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Steevens M. Paullas-Gutt  (Haitian),  (PFPWebHost)  is the founder of the company who joined force with the company's C-Suite Crew which is governed under U.K's law.  


DuCash, (Cameroon) (VlOwo) meeting Steevens for the first time in 2019 came to the common agreement in developing a new friendship in creating the African House Records website from the 12th of June 2019 has known a rapid growth from it's first publication on the 19th of June to family and friends who loves the concept behind the scene.

Ducash deals with the business concept by presenting to both current and new partners for investments deals and building an environment of a win win situation for each party. His main role is also to keep a follow up of the site's development and offline activities such as our special events.


M.DJO (Congo) is also an Official registered artists of African House Records as well as his mate DuCash. His  C-Suite position is the online commerce and company's online market manager of our service team. M.DJO and Steevens have worked and known each other from 2018 but this new partnership has changed everything in the business strategy.


Jazzynoti Djems, (African House Records Audio engineer, our DJ) is our sound system manager with enough power power to blow the roof of your home and all the necessary equipment for artist and event's performance. A very cool friend of Ducash, he was introduce to Steevens and within an hour of conversation between the three men, a deal was concluded for Jzznoti to be part of the company's C-Suit. 






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